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Diabetes Management: Team-Based Care for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes


What the Task Force Found

About The Systematic Review

The Task Force recommendation is based on evidence from a systematic review of 35 studies (search period 1960–October 2015) that evaluated the impact of team-based care on blood glucose, blood pressure, and lipids. Included studies came from the reference list of a systematic review published in 2012 (Tricco et al, search period 1960 – 2010) and an updated search for evidence (search period 2010 – October 2015).

The Task Force finding is limited to people with type 2 diabetes because only one of the included studies examined intervention effectiveness for people with type 1 diabetes.

The systematic review was conducted on behalf of the Task Force by a team of specialists in systematic review methods, and in research, practice, and policy related to diabetes prevention and control.


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Summary of Results

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Summary of Economic Evidence

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Evidence Gaps

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Study Characteristics

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