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CPSTF Meeting, October 19-20

Presentations will address physical activity, mental health, substance use, and social determinants of health. The public is invited to attend virtually. Register today >>

Blog Features Antibullying Recommendation

New blog on StopBullying.gov highlights the CPSTF recommendation for school-based antibullying interventions and ways communities might use it to reduce bullying and improve mental health. Read the post >>

Publications Commemorate and Feature CPSTF

New articles in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine detail the CPSTF prioritization process and commemorate more than 25 years of evidence-based findings. Read more >>

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Is Your Community Up to Date on Vaccinations?

Check out the CPSTF recommendations to increase vaccination coverage using different intervention approaches.

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The Community Guide in Action: Stories from the Field

Learn about people from across the country who have used The Community Guide to make communities safer and healthier.

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CPSTF Recommendations Relevant for COVID-19 Pandemic

Learn how CPSTF-recommended intervention approaches could be used to address public health issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts.

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