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CPSTF Findings for Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Following is an alphabetical list of intervention approaches reviewed by the Community Preventive Services Task Force with summaries of the CPSTF finding for each (definitions of findings). Click a linked review title to read a summary of the evidence and access supporting materials.

CPSTF Finding
Interventions Directed to the General Population
Dram Shop Liability Recommended
March 2010
Electronic Screening and Brief Intervention (e-SBI) Recommended
August 2012
Increasing Alcohol Taxes Recommended
June 2007
Maintaining Limits on Days of Sale Recommended
June 2008
Maintaining Limits on Hours of Sale Recommended
February 2009
Overservice Law Enforcement Initiatives Insufficient Evidence
March 2010
Privatization of Retail Alcohol Sales Recommended Against
April 2011
Regulation of Alcohol Outlet Density Recommended
February 2007
Responsible Beverage Service Training Insufficient Evidence
October 2010
Interventions Directed to Underage Drinkers
Enhanced Enforcement of Laws Prohibiting Sales to Minors Recommended
February 2006