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Evidence Gaps

A key component of the Task Force's work is to identify gaps in the evidence base. An evidence gap can be one of two kinds:

  • When the Task Force recommends an intervention, they highlight areas for research that would help users determine if the intervention will meet their needs. For example:
    • Will the intervention work everywhere for everyone?
    • How much will it cost to implement the intervention?
    • Will the intervention provide adequate return on investment?
    • How should users structure or deliver the intervention to ensure it is as effective as possible?
  • When there is insufficient evidence to determine whether an intervention works, the Task Force suggests more research be done to assess effectiveness.

Filling these gaps could have a significant positive impact on public health, health disparities, and healthcare costs.

  • Individual scientists and program evaluators can develop studies to help fill these gaps.
  • Funding agencies can use evidence gaps to identify priority opportunities for targeted research and evaluation.

Find Evidence Gaps from Community Guide Reviews

Evidence gaps for each systematic review can be found under the tab, WHAT THE TASK FORCE FOUND.