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A doctor looks at information on a tablet computer.A mom, dad, and two children sit outside of a house.A young boy rides a bicycle to school.
A doctor looks at information on a tablet computer.

Clinical Decision Support Systems Increase HIV Screenings

The CPSTF recommends clinical decision support systems to increase HIV screening for the general population and for persons at higher risk for HIV infection. Read more >>

A mom, dad, and two children sit outside of a house.

CPSTF Recommends Tenant-Based Housing Voucher Programs

Evidence shows tenant-based housing voucher programs improve health and health-related outcomes for adults and advance health equity. Read more >>

A young boy rides a bicycle to school.

Publication Shows Economic Benefits of Active Travel to School

The January issue of AJPM features the economic benefits of active travel to school interventions and a commentary about using the evidence to create momentum. Read more >>

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