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A trainer assists a man in a wheelchair as he lifts weights.A woman looks at her smartphone.A wrist-worn activity monitor sends information to a smartphone.
A trainer assists a man in a wheelchair as he lifts weights.

Making Community Services Inclusive

The American Journal of Preventive Medicine published a report summarizing how CPSTF recommendations can be adapted to better benefit people with disabilities. More >> External Web Site Icon

A woman looks at her smartphone.

Mobile Apps Help Patients Manage Diabetes

When used within healthcare systems, mobile phone apps help patients manage type 2 diabetes. Read more >>

A wrist-worn activity monitor sends information to a smartphone.

Interactive Digital Interventions Help Patients

The CPSTF recommends the use of interactive digital interventions to improve blood pressure control in patients with high blood pressure. Read more >>

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Attend a Webinar

Join Community Guide scientists to learn more about CPSTF recommendations and the systematic review process. First up: Engaging Community Health Workers to Prevent and Manage Disease.

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The Community Guide in Action: Stories from the Field

Learn about people from across the country who have used The Community Guide to make communities safer and healthier.

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Listen to the Experts

Community Guide audio clips feature stories about the Community Guide in Action and shine a spotlight on public health leaders who use The Community Guide in their work.

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