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What is the Task Force?

What is the Community Preventive Services Task Force's purpose?

The Community Preventive Services Task Force (Task Force) was established in 1996 by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to identify population health interventions that are scientifically proven to save lives, increase lifespans, and improve quality of life. The Task Force produces recommendations (and identifies evidence gaps) to help inform the decision making of federal, state, and local health departments, other government agencies, communities, healthcare providers, employers, schools and research organizations.

Where can I find Task Force recommendations?

The collection of all Task Force reviews, recommendations and other findings can be found on this website. The publications page includes peer-reviewed articles of Task Force recommendations and the systematic reviews on which they are based. This website also includes information such as stories of how Task Force recommendations have been used to promote community health, and slides for telling others about Task Force recommendations.

How does the Task Force arrive at its recommendations?

The Task Force bases its recommendations on rigorous, replicable systematic reviews of the scientific literature, which do all of the following:

  • Evaluate the strength and limitations of published scientific studies about community-based health promotion and disease prevention programs, services, and policies
  • Assess whether the programs, services, and policies are effective in promoting health and preventing disease, injury, and disability
  • Examine the applicability of these programs, services, and policies to varied populations and settings
  • Conduct economic analyses of recommended interventions

These systematic reviews are conducted, with Task Force oversight, by scientists and subject matter experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in collaboration with a wide range of government, academic, policy, and practice-based partners.

How does the Task Force decide what to review?

The Task Force conducts a careful prioritization process every three years that includes input from a broad scope of partners, including its official Liaison organizations and agencies.