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March 2012
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Winter 2012: Task Force Releases New Recommendations and Findings

Topics include tobacco cessation and interventions to promote health equity.


December 2011
Cover of the 2011 Annual Report to Congress

Task Force Releases First Annual Report to Congress

The report describes Task Force background, methods, findings, evidence gaps, priorities, and how states and communities use its recommendations.


November 2011
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Task Force Member Appointed to President's Cancer Panel

Congratulations to Community Preventive Services Task Force member Barbara K. Rimer on her appointment as Chairman of the President's Cancer Panel.


October 2011
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Task Force finds commercial liability an effective strategy to reduce alcohol-related harms

Holding alcohol retailers liable for injuries or damage done by their intoxicated customers can reduce motor vehicle deaths, homicides, injuries, and other alcohol-related problems.


August 2011
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Community Preventive Services Task Force Publishes Findings on Home-based Asthma Programs

The Task Force recommends use of home-based multi-trigger, multicomponent interventions for children and adolescents with asthma.


May 2011
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Summer 2011: Task Force Releases New Recommendations and Findings

Topics include excessive alcohol use and vaccination rates.


March 2011
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Ignition Interlocks Recommended to Prevent Impaired Driving Re-Arrests

New publication features evidence-based recommendations to reduce alcohol-impaired driving.


December 2010
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Task Force Releases New Recommendations and Findings - Winter 2010

Topics include excessive alcohol use, vaccination rates, and health communication campaigns.


November 2010
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Reducing the Harms from Drinking Too Much by Limiting Access to Alcohol

Laws and policies that limit the days and hours alcohol can be sold are effective public health strategies to prevent harms from drinking too much


June 2010
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From Research to Policy: Lessons from a Community Guide Review on Alcohol-Impaired Driving Laws

Laws to reduce the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of drivers save lives. A new case study examines translating this evidence into policy


February 2010
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Evidence-Based Findings on Worksite Health Promotion Interventions

Evidence-based recommendations to assess health risks and reduce tobacco use are now available in a published Community Guide systematic review.


January 2010
A stethoscope hangs on a wall of medical equipment

Prompting Healthcare Providers Can Increase Cancer Screenings

Systems that inform healthcare providers when individual clients are due or overdue for specific tests can increase cancer screenings. This is according to a published Community Guide systematic review.


December 2009
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Regulating Alcohol Outlet Density Prevents Excessive Alcohol Use

One way to prevent excessive alcohol use is to regulate the number of places where alcohol may be legally sold in a given area, according to a systematic review published by the Community Guide.


November 2009
Two males sitting on a couch, each with a hand on the other's knee

Group-Based Interventions for Adolescents

Task Force recommendations now available for group-based interventions to prevent and reduce adolescent HIV/AIDS, pregnancy, and other STIs.


October 2009
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Worksite Programs Help Employees Lose Weight

Published in the October 2009 AJPM, the Task Force recommends worksite programs intended to improve diet and physical activity behaviors.