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May 2015
adolescent children running for exercise on an outdoor pathway

New Recommendation Highlights Importance of Enhanced School-Based Physical Education

Studies of enhanced school-based physical education programs conducted found that students who participated in these programs spent more time engaging in moderate- to vigorous- intensity physical activity.


April 2015
A group of high school graduates in their caps and gowns.

New Publication: High School Completion Programs Improve Health

Programs improve long-term health for minority and low-income groups. Peer-reviewed journal publication now available online.


February 2015
Two men examining an electronic screening system.

The Community Guide in Action – Cancer Screening in South Georgia

Task Force recommendations applied to reduce cancer-related disparities in a largely rural, medically underserved region in Georgia.


December 2014
Three hands on a table. Each wrist has a black coral bracelet

The Community Guide in Action: Tell Us Your Story

Have you used a Community Preventive Services Task Force finding to develop a public health or patient program, inform a policy, shape a research agenda, justify funding, or support accreditation efforts? If so, we want to know about it!


November 2014
A crushed, unlit cigarette

Comprehensive Tobacco Control Programs Reduce Tobacco Use

The Community Preventive Services Task Force recommends Comprehensive Tobacco Control Programs to reduce tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure.


August 2014
A grocery bag of vegetables sits atop an analog dial scale

Evidence Says Diet + Physical Activity Programs Reduce Type 2 Diabetes

 The Community Preventive Services Task Force recommends combined diet and physical activity promotion programs to reduce new-onset type 2 diabetes.


August 2014
a cityscape scene with people walking past a large billboard

New Publications Show Health Communication Works

Health communication campaigns with mass media and product distribution lead to health behavior changes.


July 2014
A black backpack hangs from the open door of a red school locker

Task Force Recommends Education Programs to Promote Health Equity

High school completion and out-of-school-time academic programs improve long-term health for minority and low-income groups.


June 2014
Manual blood pressure monitor on top of an EKG report

Publications Available: Team-Based Care to Improve Blood Pressure Control

See the peer-reviewed articles for this previously announced Community Preventive Services Task Force recommendation.


June 2014
Two riders on a silver motorcycle. Each rider is wearing a full-face helmet

Universal Motorcycle Helmet Laws Save Lives, Money

The Community Preventive Services Task Force recommends universal helmet laws to reduce deaths and injuries.


June 2014
A computer keyboard features a key labeled with the word vaccination

New Publication: Immunization Information Systems Increase Vaccination Rates

Systems enhance collaboration between vaccination providers and public health agencies and help coordinate interventions to increase vaccination rates.


May 2014
A teacher turns the pages of a picture book for a group of children

New Publication: Full-day Kindergarten Boosts Health Equity for Low-Income, Minority Kids

Improving health equity starts with full-day kindergarten, according to a new Task Force recommendation.


May 2014
A blue sign with white lettering reads Tobbacco Free Campus.

More Ways to Increase the Number of Tobacco Quitters

The Community Preventive Services Task Force finds strong evidence that two strategies increase quitting, reduce tobacco-related illness and death, and have economic benefits.


May 2014
Two bottles of sunscreen sit upright in the sand of a beach, with the ocean in the background.

Evidence Shows Community-Based Skin Cancer Prevention Works

Interested in what works to increase sun protective behavior in many outdoor settings? See the community-based skin cancer prevention recommendations released by the Community Preventive Services Task Force.


April 2014
An orange diamond shaped roadsign, with the words 'Sobriety Checkpoint Ahead' in black letters.

Publicized Sobriety Checkpoints Save Lives

Community Preventive Services Task Force recommends publicized checkpoints to reduce alcohol-impaired driving.