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July 2019

Pharmacy-based Interventions to Improve Medication Adherence for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

The CPSTF recommends tailored pharmacy-based adherence interventions to help patients take medications as prescribed.


July 2019
A doctor and nurse record a patient's weight

New Publications Feature CPSTF Recommendation and Systematic Review Evidence for Team-Based Care to Manage Type 2 Diabetes

New publications feature CPSTF recommendation and systematic review evidence for team-based care to control type 2 diabetes.


June 2019
An older woman exercises with the help of a mobile phone.

Digital Health Interventions Increase Physical Activity Among Adults 55 Years and Older

CPSTF recommends digital health interventions to increase physical activity among adults 55 years and older.


May 2019
A group of pregnant women exercise using large exercise spheres.

Exercise Programs to Prevent Gestational Hypertension

The CPSTF recommends exercise programs for pregnant women to reduce the development of gestational hypertension.


April 2019
A teacher walks a student to the school building

Interventions to Increase Active Travel to School

A new systematic review of economic evidence shows the economic benefits exceed the cost for active travel to school interventions.


March 2019
A group of kindergärtners eat a healthy lunch.

Interventions to Increase Healthy Eating and Physical Activity in Schools

The CPSTF recommends interventions in schools that combine meal or fruit and vegetable snack interventions with physical activity interventions to improve student health.


February 2019
A community health worker reviews records with a patient.

Engaging Community Health Workers for Diabetes or Cardiovascular Disease Prevention is Cost-Effective

Interventions engaging community health workers for cardiovascular disease prevention, diabetes prevention, or diabetes management are cost-effective.


January 2019
Help shape the objectives for Healthy People 2030.

Healthy People 2030 Proposed Objective Public Comment

Now’s your chance to submit comments and suggestions on Healthy People 2030 objectives, many of which will connect with evidence-based resources from The Community Guide.


November 2018
A group of students study at a classroom table.

New Community Guide Publications Feature Effectiveness and Economic Evidence from Health Equity Reviews

Now available: three full-text articles from the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice on the economics of center-based early childhood development and the effectiveness of expanded in-school learning time and year-round school interventions.


July 2018
Three pregnant women doing yoga.

Lifestyle Interventions During Pregnancy Reduce Gestational Diabetes Risk

The CPSTF recommends starting lifestyle interventions during the first two trimesters of pregnancy to reduce the risk of gestational diabetes.


July 2018
A group of teenagers hanging out and having fun.

Primary Prevention Reduces Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual Violence Among Youth

A new systematic review from the CPSTF shows primary prevention interventions reduce intimate partner violence and sexual violence among youth.


June 2018
A group of hands stacked together.

Multicomponent Interventions to Increase Cancer Screening are Cost-Effective

A new systematic review of economic evidence shows interventions to increase screenings for cervical or colorectal cancer are cost-effective.


February 2018
A woman shows an older man how to use a tablet computer.

mHealth Interventions Improve Treatment Adherence Among CVD Patients

CPSTF recommends mHealth interventions to improve treatment adherence for patients recently diagnosed with cardiovascular disease.


December 2017
A woman looks at her smartphone.

Healthcare Systems Help Patients Manage Type 2 Diabetes with Mobile Apps

CPSTF recommends the use of text messaging interventions to increase medication adherence among patients with chronic medical conditions.


December 2017
A wrist-worn activity monitor sends information to a smartphone.

Interactive Digital Interventions Help Patients Control High Blood Pressure

The CPSTF recommends the use of interactive digital interventions to improve blood pressure control in patients with high blood pressure.