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Targeted Vaccinations: Multiple Interventions Implemented in Combination - Inactive


What the CPSTF Found

About The Systematic Review

Twenty-three qualifying studies provided 26 study arms evaluating 22 different combinations of interventions for the systematic review.

These results were based on a systematic review of all available studies, conducted on behalf of the Task Force by a team of specialists in systematic review methods, and in research, practice and policy related to vaccinations to prevent diseases.


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Summary of Results

  • Vaccination coverage: median increase of 16.5 percentage points (range: -5.9 to 67.0 percentage points; 16 studies, 19 study arms)
  • These results should be applicable in most client and provider populations and most settings where improvements in coverage are needed.
  • Evidence was insufficient to determine the effectiveness of other combinations of interventions in increasing coverage.

Summary of Economic Evidence

An economic review of this intervention did not find any relevant studies.


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Evidence Gaps

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Study Characteristics

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