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Healthcare Systems Help Patients Manage Type 2 Diabetes with Mobile Apps

A woman looks at her smartphone.The Community Preventive Services Task Force (CPSTF) recommends the use of diabetes self-management mobile phone applications (apps), when implemented in healthcare systems, to improve blood glucose among patients with type 2 diabetes. The CPSTF finds insufficient evidence to determine whether these interventions benefit patients with type 1 diabetes.

A team of specialists in systematic review methods and in diabetes management research, practice, and policy selected and evaluated the following published review:

Hou C, Carter B, Hewitt J, Francisa T, Mayor S. Do mobile phone applications improve glycemic control (HbA1c) in the self-management of diabetes? A systematic review, meta-analysis, and GRADE of 14 randomized trials. Diabetes Care 2016; 39:2089-95.

The CPSTF finding is based on results from the published review, additional information from the included studies, and expert input from team members and the CPSTF.

More than 30 million people in the United States have diabetes (CDC 2017 External Web Site Icon). Diabetes increases patients’ risk of heart attacks, strokes, nerve damage, eye damage and blindness, kidney disease, and more. When properly managed, however, patients can reduce these risks (CDC 2017 pdf icon [PDF - 1.35 MB] External Web Site Icon).

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