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Programs and Services

Program Planning

The Community Guide can be used in the program planning process. Once planners identify their community health issues and draft measurable program objectives, the Community Guide can be used to select evidence-based interventions to help achieve those objectives.

For ideas on how to use the Community Guide in program planning, see our Program Planning Resource. See our Community Guide in Action stories to read how others have used Task Force findings to improve their communities.

Preventive Health Care Services

Medical, dental, nursing, mental health and other health care providers may find the Community Guide is a valuable complement to the Guide to Clinical Preventive Services that can assist them in:

  • Adopting evidence-based strategies to improve the health of individuals and populations
  • Promoting partnerships between practitioners and government, community, business, and voluntary organizations to plan and implement effective strategies in multiple health topics
  • Combining information on what has worked with knowledge of a local community and healthcare system to design interventions that are tailored to local needs and realities


Here are a few examples of Community Guide recommendations you can use to improve health and prevent disease in your practice or community.

Reducing tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure:

Increasing appropriate vaccination:

Reducing cancer morbidity and mortality:

Reducing tooth decay in children and adolescents:

Employee Health and Wellness

Purchasing Health Care Services
Purchasers of healthcare services must make difficult trade-offs and funding decisions, often working with limited budgets for health care in general, and prevention in particular. Many employers face information gaps that make investing in prevention difficult. Valid effectiveness data is often not readily available to employers, and economic data can be scarce.

The Community Guide helps address these gaps. It can be used as a resource to construct and select health benefit plans for clinical and preventive services, because it:

Worksite Health Promotion
The Community Guide is also a valuable resource when designing and implementing certain employee wellness policies and interventions, such as:

Supporting Local Community Health
Employees' health and productivity are affected by the communities in which they live. Employers can promote the health of employees and their families by partnering with city councils, school boards, and other local and state organizations to promote successful community health campaigns and programs. The Community Guide includes many recommendations for effective community health interventions, such as:

Read how three different groups applied Task Force recommendations to improve employee health:

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