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The Community Guide can be used by foundations, agencies, and organizations that wish to fund evidence-based programs and research in areas where there are evidence gaps.

Those seeking funds for public health projects may also benefit by referencing Community Guide evidence, recommendations and findings, and supporting materials in their proposals.

Providing Funds

Foundations, agencies, and organizations can encourage the use of effective interventions through grant guidance and planning criteria. Because the Community Guide uses a systematic review process, funders can use it to direct limited resources to projects that have been shown to work or areas that require further research.

To do this, grant makers can create Request for Proposals (RFP) that:

  • Reference the Community Guide
  • Give preference to applicants who propose interventions that have been recommended by the Community Preventive Services Task Force or determined by the Task Force to need additional research

Seeking Funds

The Community Guide synthesizes a vast body of research into findings of what works in public health. It provides supporting detail and full disclosure of the systematic review process and studies used. Therefore, the Community Guide can help justify and add credibility to grant proposals and funding requests. It also saves time because findings, references, and recommendations are readily available for use.

Helpful features:

  • Findings are based on science-based systematic reviews of the available literature on evidence of effectiveness and economic efficiency
  • Interventions reviewed include the complete range of prevention strategies, including healthcare system changes, provider and client strategies, policies, laws, worksite interventions, and community-based methods such as mass media campaigns
  • Topics addressed encompass disease prevention (e.g., vaccine-preventable diseases), behavior change (e.g., tobacco use prevention), and environmental changes (e.g., designing communities to encourage physical activity)
  • Community Guide findings complement existing decision support tools such as health data, performance objectives (e.g., Healthy People 2020 External Web Site Icon , HEDIS) External Web Site Icon, and model programs

Community Guide in Action

Funding programs to prevent motor vehicle occupant injuries among Native Americans.

CDC's Injury Center used findings from the Community Guide to develop a Request for Proposal (RFP) targeting Native American communities.

Selected Resources

Commentary on the Emerging Guide to Community Preventive Services from a Health Promotion Perspective. Adobe PDF File [PDF - 124 kB] Green LW , Kreuter MW. Am J Prev Med 2000: 18; 7-9.