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A circle created by three broken orange rings, and a blue arrow head pointing from the lower left to the center Syndication: Add The Community Guide to Your Website!
What's syndication? A new feature that lets you put exact Community Guide web content on your site, which is then updated automatically.

Cover of the 2012 Annual Report to Congress Task Force Releases 2012 Annual Report to Congress
Highlights include activities evidence gaps, future systematic reviews, and how Task Force recommendations have been used to improve public health.

A pencil laying on top of a printed form that reads Patient History January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month!
See client-oriented and provider-oriented evidence-based recommendations for what works to increase cervical cancer screening.

A blank white roadside billboard Does Mass Media Alone Work to Promote Physical Activity?
More research is needed for the Task Force to determine if mass media without other components results in a more physically active population.

A person running on a walking/running trail New Videos Feature The Community Guide in Action
Two new, short videos show how communities have used Task Force findings to make residents safer and healthier.

A document with checkboxes, and a pencil making green checkmarks in the boxes Fall 2012: Task Force Releases New Findings
Topics include alcohol, skin cancer, emergency preparedness, mental health, and motor vehicle injury prevention.

The hands of three women, one White and two African American, are stacked on top of each other; each wrist has a bracelet made from black coral. The Community Guide in Action
Read new stories about how The Community Guide has been used to improve the safety and health of communities across the country.

Four journals opened and stacked upon each other. Community Guide Worksite Review Among Top Five Most Cited
The Community Guide review on the Assessment of Health Risks with Feedback was recognized as one of the most cited articles published in the AJPM during 2010. Read a review summary and the publication.

A woodblock ink stamp that reads "Updated" Task Force Updates Findings on Interventions to Boost Cancer Screening
Based on evidence from updated Community Guide reviews, the Task Force issued new findings on ways to increase breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screening.

Older woman with her head resting against her hand, looking down and frowning. Now Published: Collaborative Care to Manage Depression
Newly published reviews and Task Force findings feature the effectiveness of this intervention in improving depression symptoms, adherence to treatment, response to treatment, and remission and recovery.

Photo of Beer and Wine Sign Task Force Recommends Against Privatizing Retail Alcohol Sales
Evidence links privatization to increased consumption of alcoholic beverages, excessive drinking and related harms.

Jonathan E. Fielding, MD, MPH, MB Task Force Chair Supports Future of Public Health External Web Site Icon
A gift from Jonathan and Karin Fielding supports public health education and research at soon-to-be named UCLA Jonathan and Karin Fielding School of Public Health.

Adolescents Health Interest Interested in adolescent health?
See newly published Task Force findings on:

Photo of document Winter 2012: Task Force Releases New Recommendations and Findings
Topics include tobacco cessation and interventions to promote health equity.

Photo of Barbara K. Rimer Task Force Member Appointed to President's Cancer Panel External Web Site Icon
Congratulations to Community Preventive Services Task Force member Barbara K. Rimer on her appointment as Chairman of the President's Cancer Panel.

Image of congress report 10-10-11Task Force Releases First Annual Report to Congress
The report describes Task Force background, methods, findings, evidence gaps, priorities, and how states and communities use its recommendations.

Photo of young African American boy getting an injection in arm from a syringe. New! Community Guide in Action Stories
Read examples of how the Community Guide has been used to improve health in communities across the country.

Photo:  Wine glass and grapes Task Force finds commercial liability an effective strategy to reduce alcohol-related harms
Holding alcohol retailers liable for injuries or damage done by their intoxicated customers can reduce motor vehicle deaths, homicides, injuries, and other alcohol-related problems.

Image of sign Fewer asthma triggers at home reduce kids’ symptoms
The Task Force recommends use of home-based multi-trigger, multicomponent interventions for children and adolescents with asthma.

Agenda Summer 2011: Task Force Releases New Recommendations and Findings
Topics include excessive alcohol use and vaccination rates.

Mug of Beer and Keys Ignition Interlocks Recommended to Prevent Impaired Driving Re-Arrests
New publication features evidence-based recommendations to reduce alcohol-impaired driving.

Photo:  MeetingTask Force Releases New Recommendations and Findings
Topics include excessive alcohol use, vaccination rates, and health communication campaigns.

Photo:  GlassTask Force Recommends Maintaining Limits on Days and Hours of Alcohol Sale
Laws and policies that limit the days and hours alcohol can be sold are effective public health strategies to prevent harms from drinking too much.

Photo:  Wine glass and grapesFrom Research to Policy: Lessons from a Community Guide Review on Alcohol-Impaired Driving Laws
Laws to reduce the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of drivers save lives. A new case study examines translating this evidence into policy.

Photo:  Clock and FoldersEvidence-Based Findings on Worksite Health Promotion Interventions
Evidence-based recommendations to assess health risks and reduce tobacco use are now available in a published Community Guide systematic review.

Photo:  Stethoscope Prompting Healthcare Providers Can Increase Cancer Screenings
Systems that inform healthcare providers when individual clients are due or overdue for specific tests can increase cancer screenings. This is according to a published Community Guide systematic review.

Photo:  Bottled Liquor NewsstandRegulating Alcohol Outlet Density Prevents Excessive Alcohol Use
One way to prevent excessive alcohol use is to regulate the number of places where alcohol may be legally sold in a given area, according to a systematic review published by the Community Guide.

two menGroup-Based Interventions for Adolescents
Task Force recommendations now available for group-based interventions to prevent and reduce adolescent HIV/AIDS, pregnancy, and other STIs.

Worksite Programs Help Employees Lose Weight
Published in the October 2009 AJPM, the Task Force recommends worksite programs intended to improve diet and physical activity behaviors.

Multicomponent Interventions with Community Mobilization Reduce Alcohol-Impaired Driving
This review, published in the October 2009 AJPM, shows that these interventions can reduce alcohol-impaired driving.

Increased Alcohol Taxes Can Prevent Excessive Alcohol Use and Other Harms
Increased alcohol taxes save lives! Find out how alcohol excise taxes reduce alcohol use, alcohol-impaired driving, motor vehicle crashes and fatalities, and deaths from cirrhosis of the liver.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Proven to Benefit Symptomatic Children and Adolescents Following a Traumatic Event
The Community Preventive Services Task Force (Task Force) recommends individual cognitive behavior therapy and group cognitive behavior therapy to reduce psychological harm to youth who show psychological symptoms following exposure to traumatic events.

Cancer Screening Reviews Updated
If everyone who should be screened for cancer got screened, many of the 17,175 leading cancer deaths per year could be prevented!