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The Guide to Community Preventive Services: What Works to Promote Health?

This publication includes intervention reviews and recommendations completed between 1996 and 2004. Visit all Community Guide Topics for more current reviews and findings.

Opening Adobe PDF File [PDF - 218 kB]
  Includes: Conventions Used in This Book, Introduction, Figures, and Acknowledgements
Part I: Changing Risk Behaviors and Addressing Environmental Challenges
  Chapter 1: Tobacco Adobe PDF File [PDF - 363 kB]
  Chapter 2: Physical Activity Adobe PDF File [PDF - 302 kB]
  Chapter 3: The Social Environment Adobe PDF File [PDF - 386 kB]
Part II: Reducing Disease, Injury, and Impairment
  Chapter 4: Cancer Adobe PDF File [PDF - 402 kB]
  Chapter 5: Diabetes Adobe PDF File [PDF - 331 kB]
  Chapter 6: Vaccine-Preventable Diseases Adobe PDF File [PDF - 402 kB]
  Chapter 7: Oral Health Adobe PDF File [PDF - 360 kB]
  Chapter 8: Motor Vehicle Occupant Injury Adobe PDF File [PDF - 355 kB]
  Chapter 9: Violence Adobe PDF File [PDF - 340 kB]
Part III: Methodological Background
  Chapter 10: Methods Used for Reviewing Evidence and Linking Evidence to Recommendations Adobe PDF File [PDF - 214 kB]
  Chapter 11: Understanding and Using the Economic Evidence Adobe PDF File [PDF - 171 kB]
  Chapter 12: Continuing Research Needs Adobe PDF File [PDF - 137 kB]
Glossary Adobe PDF File [PDF - 139 kB]
Appendix Adobe PDF File [PDF - 156 kB]
Index Adobe PDF File [PDF - 107 kB]